This recording was from the late 90s (actual date can not be confirmed) and was done at one of the band’s favourite venues, “Wally’s Tavern” in Guelph, Ontario, a great blues venue that always featured fabulous acts and an appreciative audience. It was recorded and mixed live on the fly by Mike MacDonald and John Lee. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch during the recording process, it was deemed unusable and was shelved and forgotten. 

Fast-forward 25 years and Mike McDonald discovers the recording in his archives and passes it on to drummer, Jim Casson. Luckily, recording technology has advanced over those years and the damaged portion of the recordings was now fixable. This great performance could now be shared. 

The best part for the band is that this includes yet another fabulous performance by Michael Fonfara, who had recently passed away after a long struggle with cancer. “Hearing Fonf soar across the keyboards again was magical and reaffirmed how lucky we all were to have worked with him all those years,” reminisces drummer, Jim Casson. 

Proceeds from the sale of this recording will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society in memory of Michael Fonfara. 

Legendary Canadian blues crooner, Chuck Jackson cleverly pays tribute to Big Joe Turner on his new album, A Cup of Joe. Featuring twelve of Turner’s most widely known hits including “Corrine Corrina,” “Cherry Red,” and “Lipstick, Powder & Paint,” the album expertly navigates the waters of blues and early rock and roll, churning out a traditional R&B record reminiscent of 60s-era classics.

As the lead singer of the Canadian blues outfit Downchild, their last release, I Need A Hat, was nominated for Blues Album of the Year at the 2009 JUNO Awards, adding to the long list of nominations and awards he has received both with Downchild and as a solo artist. Winner of two Maple Blues Awards for Male Vocalist of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement recipient in 2002, Chuck Jackson is one of Canada’s most revered blues vocalists and his talents shine on A Cup of Joe.

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Chuck Jackson sings two songs on the new CD by The Mighty Duck Blues Band. "3AM Blues" and "Cha-Ching".

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